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Checkout this cool video how to make a Hoodie Top 

and pick a fabric style from How to sew easy shop


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Wedding Dress is a big part of the occasion, the time spent on wedding dress is sometimes enormous. Every girl has a dream wedding dress, some has a custom design; that they have envisaged since long. 

What is your ideal wedding dress? You can explore for many amazing dresses.  However, the question is how do you find your ideal dress? In this Article lets explore 3 tips that can shorten your search for ideal wedding dress. This article also reflects how essential it is to shop for perfect Bridesmaid dresses.

 People usually spend exorbitant amount on weddings to make it an extravagant affair. But mostly what people forget are money doesn't make the affair memorable, but the cute memories of having fun, enjoying throughout the process by not leaving a hole behind in the pocket.

Tip 1: Do not go with the trend

Flowing with the trend in choosing themes, colors, decor can hamper you back, Try to develop your own concept.

Tip 2: Comfort First

Try to choose a dress that is comfortable more than beauty.

Tip 3: According to your body structure

This is really important, On some halter necks goes well, for some turtle neck or deep neck. Choose a dress that looks good on you, not what you think looks good on you.

Similarly, Every now and then couple to be; try to find a new theme, new taste, new back drop and many such new things to add flavor to wedding. How about for a change we focus on creating an amazing time not only for yourself, but also for your special friends.

Here are a few steps that you can use enjoy time and chose that best bridesmaid attire for your girl gang.

Step 1: Go on a Date

Call all your girls gang and go on a pre-wedding celebration, go to stores for window shopping, indulge in some fashion tweaking and take a note of what can suit them


Step 2: Consider

Consider the fact you can either choose attire that is only worn once or they can completely rock the dress even after the event.


Step 3: Budget Notion

Budgeting is something that plays an integral part and so does the dresses. Bridesmaid attires price vary somewhere from $90 to $300. Be considerate and if you opt for something very expensive, remember to pay off the difference.

Step 4: Trendify

Look out for dresses that are amazing and has eloquent look, consider the fact perhaps many of your friends wont like to wear dresses that are too sexy. Go for subtle sexy look, which looks amazing on the sizes of the body of all your bridesmaid not only on one certain person/ friend.

Step 5: Very important



Remember the wedding should make your friends comfortable, sexy, trendy, fashionable and beautiful. Revealing or un-modest dress can make wedding environment kind of bit sour. Men cant stop their roving eyes LOL.


Image Courtesy: For cheap, modest, affordable dresses; you can visit their online store.

The Pictures used in these article are available on the above link.

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For the better part of our lives, we spend a fair amount of time making stuff that otherwise we can buy from the stores. A good example is children toys. You do not actually have to be an expert to come up with a DIY product. Furthermore not every project requires exemplary skills as long as you are a determined, self motivated individual and you have the necessary materials you are good to go.

Most of the brains behind popular DIY projects didn't have the joy of stepping into a lecture hall- A challenge? Of course yes.

Look around your home. What don

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If you have been following us, since we started our own sewing classes, like with the blogs, how yo take measurements, and how to draft etc.

Then this pattern should come easy to you. We love to share celebrity dressing style. Of the most liked style of a celeb is Rihanna, she is a style icon. Not only her voice renders so much beauty in the songs she sings, but her style quotient is also very much acclaimed and appreciated by the critics and audiences.

This blog brings you the Simple summer dress by Rihanna, which she wore and looked every bit elegant, breezy and summer perfect

Just to mention, we have added many more summer dress patterns on our ETSY store for you to grab hold of new patterns and build that summer wardrobe at the half the price of what you can purchases dresses of.

Back to the pattern,

Materials required,

1 1/2 yard Cotton, Jersey, polyester nix cotton, or material of your choice, the fabric above is recommended by us.

A pair of scissor,

Measuring Tape,

sewing Machine,

A few buttons or a few hooks

Matching thread, one that matches the fabric color,

Fabric pen/ pencil.

A few newspapers (for beginners).


Step 1: Take your measuring tape and measure your size,

Step 2: The Pattern I am sharing is for size 10: So, you need to measure yourself loosely for his dress.

Refer picture below and cut according to measurements

Measurements needs to taken:

Length, neck measurement, Arm hole, chest.


If you want dress to be longer than what Rihanna wore, you can just increase the length of the Dress.

Make sure you measure accurately, arm holes as this is a sleeve less dress.

Don't forget to add seam allowances, to side seams, length and around neck and near arm holes.

Step 3: After drafting these measurements on the paper, now cut and keep aside.

Step 4:the above three steps have covered the front drafting now lets draft back of the dress.

The above pattern with the measurements should be cut into two pieces because your back will look like this : Please refer the picture below

Picture A is front with placket and Picture B  is back of the dress, with small invisible zipper at the shoulders.

After drafting and cutting the back of the dress keep it aside, now lets cut the frills that the dress have below

Pattern for the frills, please refer to the pattern below:

Make sure you understand that the pattern above is for size 10 and if you're petite or large in size, take the frill size accordingly, but measuring how much breadth you want of your dress, and make \sure you add the pleat allowances, as dresses with frills are cut exactly double, or quarter extra from the original size. 

These measurements also differ according to the type of pleats you intend to induce. For this pattern you will need to take 1/2 of your breadth size extra.. suppose your hem measurement comes to 30 cm add extra 15 (Example)

And add 1/4 inch or 1/2 pleats according to your desire.

Now first sew the side seams and attach the half and half part of back and front, you shall have two halves of the dress now. then work on neck and arm holes. you should now have two ready halves of the same dress. Time to join them Please follow the instructions below

For the Front you need to Add Placket for placket please refer the Pattern below

Mark the buttons at equal space between them. or if you do not want to put buttons, you can also use hooks instead of buttons.

Remember this pattern has the front all sewed up, the placket is not to keep the buttons open, but to sew it all. The opening is from back thats the reason, we have a small zipper at the back. So, the buttons are for show, design and once you have attached the placket now join the other front to and sew from neck to the hem.

Step 6: now join the back till zipper allowance, add zipper and your dress is almost ready.

Step 7: add the frill by pleating 1/4 inch fold and your dress is ready.

Please remember to tend the hemline of the frills first before attaching.

We hope you liked this easy, summer dress worn by Rihanna, for more such patterns your comments will be highly appreciated.

Until Next time

Don't forget to drop you comment below.

Au revoir


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Sometimes, Walls can be demanding, boring and a reflection of one's personality. Sharing from experience, walls are source of giving people insight or glimpse about the personality you carry. Previously, we shared a DIY to prep up your walls by decorating books, and paints. Walls are a plain canvas and what every you put out there are sure to stay there for a long time. 

Different types of Wall decor and its meaning

Mosaic Wall Art

Mosaic walls represents history, or a taste of complex art. A person who has a wall holding mosaic painting definitely indicate the taste in history or complex art. Complex art doesn't stop here, sometimes, person can be deep and hideous too; could also share a completely abstract personality.

Post Card Wall art

Post Card wall art definitely helps you hang all those treasured moments you had when you visited that country, As I have already revealed in the previous statement and you got it right!!. People who love to travel, have immense love for adventure, thrill and want to document can have a postcard wall and hang all the postcards on it. So, it indicates people who love adventure, thrill and travelling and loves to collect souvenirs, stamps etc. bottom line it describes, adventurous person with collectors soul. 

Kitchen Wall arts

There are many wall arts that people like to prep up kitchen with, some describes love for cooking, some for cleanliness, some describes kitchen.. well, this is really good and artistic, of people who do this. They are prepping up the kitchen, if they can't do with the house. Kitchen Arts define a person's deep urges for creativity. 

Clipboard Wall Art/ typography/ graffiti etc

Oh! the love for typography, graffiti, is a visible love for art and creativity. The People who does their own walls with splashing color, designing into something, creative, like creating a wall made of woods, cans, books, color, figures, are plain lovers of creativity and innovation. The walls which have creative insights are the people who think modern, innovative and are highly creative. no matter if they get ideas from internet, their creative mind lead them through it.

Ombre Quote Wall Art

HAving a quote wall is an absolute pleasure, sometimes we write the quotes to motivate us, or quotes that can motivate, inspire others. sometimes quotes are the reminders of the lessons life taught you. either way, having a Quote DIY is reflection of self-reliance, self-motivation and complete independence. Some quotes are made people to aware of things they aren't allowed to do. Like, Please flush, or quotes instructing things. This is sure to remind there is zero tolerance, if the house rules are broken. People who does this are have control streak and independent streak shouting out of their personality.

Here are a few personality descriptions that a person can be perceived by his/her walls. so, which ones yours.

Let us know by dropping a comment here or on our Facebook, we would love to hear.

Until next time,

Prendre soin.

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