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Do you ever witness Tin can art? or Tin cans DIY? We know many had, but many have no idea, how beautifully tin cans, can make a difference to your home. You can absolutely don that creative hat for the food tin cans, and one will not be disappointed with so many versions, variations and designs to boost your energy. You create zesty spoon stand, night stand, night lamps, plant holder, pen holder, object holders and many more. We bring you an amazing collection of Tin can DIY projects which will not only delight your sight but will also make your home a delectable, wonderful and beautifully decorated heaven. To lid it up, it is all absolutely free, the core material (TIN Canisters)  is always available at most of our homes. You don't have to buy those fancy decor items that leave a hole in your wallet. 

The most amazing thing about this craft is "It cost you nothing" and "everything is can be found in your junk or trash or in your out-house," Find those empty trash cans, Remove stickers, wash, clean and dry them and you are ready.

We bring you first installment of "Tin can amazing creations" with Tin Can that can be utilized as spoon Stand in your kitchen. You do not have to worry, big or small kitchen it fits perfectly and will adorn your kitchen space with its vibrant color and zeal.

Materials Required:

-A Hammer

- A small Piece of wood block or plywood, 6"X 6" or 4"X 4" (depends on how big your stand is).

- A Spray Paint (of your choice)

- Nails (8 to 10)

- A leather belt

Step 1: Clean tin cans and color them with the color of your choice, make sure you paint inside out. You can also use enamel paint or spray paint.

Step 2: Paint the wooden plank 

Step 3: Mark with a marker in the each can to drill hole or You can directly nail it to the wood. I suggest it won't look good to nail it down directly , it can be pretty untidy. To achieve a tidy professional look first drill hole then screw the nails.

Step 4: Attach each tin can to the wooden board.

Step 5: Attach belt on the upper part of the wood to create a holder. Again you can directly nail it to the board or you can drill a hole and use a screw nail to screw it in.

Step 6: As you can see in picture above, the crafter has named each tin can, Spoons, Forks, Knives.. 

We suggest, instead of that you can color middle part of the tin with black color and can use chalk to write. It can be really efficient if you wish to use it like pen holder, or sewing supply holder or anything in future. Please refer the picture below for the idea.

I hope you enjoyed this phenomenal notion which is adapted from Madame, Criativa.

As you know we always attach a few more creative notions to give you the best. So, the outcome is more successful. Please enjoy a few more creative ways to create a beautiful tin stands and select wisely which one can adorn your space or which design can go with your home decor.

Amazing stationery supply stand

Amazing Sewing and art Supply stand made from the used tins.

Another version of cutlery stand, fret not if you do not have 6 tin cans or wood you can opt for this one.

With this amazing  DIY craft to indulge, Its time to gather and bring more such bright, brilliant, easy, simple and amazing free craft for you,

Until Next Time, Prendre Soin, Au revoir!!



**Pictures taken from Pinterest, Indulge and Madame Criativa!!

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Cardigan is a beautiful outfit and can be stylishly worn with a touch of little accessories or alone. It is looks good in both ways. Many a times people utilize it as cover up robe which we think does nit justify to this styled piece of attire.

Cardigan was first worn in 1950 and so does its history entails a long background. However, as everyone knows fashion revives in every few years but it does not come in as replica but in definitely borrowed yet original version. Cardigan was launched with knitted cloth and was more like a sweater than the phenomena it is now. It came with buttons or was worn like a robe after.

Now in today's era we create cardigan with stretch fabric or knitted or mild wool fabric. We definitely gave way for more options with the matter with fabric.  Fabric plays a major role to make that old sweater type gloomy attire to hot trend it is now. We recommend stretch fabrics drape the cardigan more than any other stiff fabric.

Although, you can create a sleeveless, or short sleeve cardigan but the classic long sleeves still make it look amazing.

We bring you in collaboration with Mimi G Style her version of cardigan that is floor length amazing cardigan. The video below teaches you how you can sew along and create this masterpiece, which is the requirement of every wardrobe. The video below shows how you can sew in simple steps. If you have any query or doubt about the technical issue or sewing issue you can certainly drop the comment below and our team will get back to you with the options.


You can also buy materials for this cardigan from our online store. We do free home deliveries all across U.S and we also undertake shipping orders for different countries. For more details please contact our customer services which is available 24X7.

To make this cardigan you should at least knowledge about basic - intermediate level of sewing

Materials utilized in this project

- Stretch Fabric or fabric of your choice.

- Thread

- Sewing Machine

- Marker to mark the fabric or Fabric chalk

- Measuring Tape

- A pair scissors

- A ruler

The instructions are in the video. It is a very easy tutorial that you can sew along with the amazing fashion designer. Hope you like this version of cardigan and wear and flaunt it in front of your friends. For more such amazing crafts, arts and sewing projects we encourage you to post your own blogs with videos Ideas and DIY projects. Please visit this blog How to create a blog on this website" to create your own blogs. we will certainly relish and cherish your contribution.

Below are a few pictures that can help you style your cardigan stylishly.

Casual Look

Glam look with short dress

Entice your partner's imagination

Sexy look

Maximize your look

I have no words to continue. I will bid you Au revoir and Prendre Soin.


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I am back from my week-offs, which happens to be on Monday and Tuesday. Well, My employer is not really happy with me taking my week offs on awkward days of the week. But I like to work on saturdays and sundays as people around the world are free and they connect with me. Mondays and Tuesdays give me free malls, free parks, less traffic and less noise pollution. Everybody have their perception about spending their life. This is my way of leading my live and thankfully freelancing gives me this option. However, My week offs were good, peaceful and humorous. 

While I was cleaning my closet to retrieve my old scrapbook, I stumbled upon my retro belt which is of nice leather but I find it too bold to be worn in today's era. I mean the belt is too chunky. I raced my mind with possibilities of utilizing it, as I do not like to trash things. I have always been a limited buyer. Well, I searched web and found astounding ideas and the most extraordinary I found was the notion, I am about to share with you all.

Did it ever crossed your mind that you can have a leather strapped shelf or shelves? Not sure!!!.. Well, allow me to demonstrate it for you in this blog.

Materials Required:

- A handful of nails

- 2 Leather Belts

- A Hammer

- A drill machine (To drill screws in the wall (optional)

- A Wooden board/ Plywood board (I used 6" wide and 30" long)

- A measuring Tape/ ruler

- A pencil


1. Measure your wood and get them cut in two identical sizes.

2. Buckle your belts and make a loop.

3. On your wooden board leave 3" and draw a line with pencil

4. Place the wooden board into the loop and on the lines which you drew earlier leaving three inches gap.

5. Hammer the nails joining belt and wood.

6. By attempting step 5 you have secured the board but the sides of the boards are still unsecured.

7. when you will hold the belt upright, you will witness the board sits like a mini swing. But the belt travelling up is still not secure so nail both the travelling side of the belt front and back side of the belt with wood, this will secure it even more. 

Now the swing is secured and firm.

You are done! If you want to color your planks then I recommend that you color your planks before all these steps and then make this shelf.

Last step is to hang the leather shelf on the wall; to hang, use drill machine to drill into concrete wall and then secure leather straps with nails. If your walls are of wood then drill machine is certainly not required.

I have seen both the designs wherein you can either hammer a nail on the both the leather straps or you can just hammer the back side of the looped belt. 

The picture below depicts that the looped belt is secured with nails from only backside of the loop. Other pictures below depicts that both the front and back side are secured with nails. 

Below are a few ideas that you can indulge, ponder and create according to your convenience.

Two storey leather strapped shelves


Rough wood planks, leather shelf
Single leather shelf
Two individual leather shelves aligned one another
For double storey shelf measure the shelf and belt size and how much space you wish to have between two shelves. Once you are done that create your first storey as instructed above and second storey should be placed above this and just nail the frontside and backside of  the travelling belt. Your two storey shelf is ready to be occupied.
Hope  you have enjoyed this blog, I truly enjoyed presenting this notion and creating this awesome shelf for my home too.
Apologies for not uploading my own shelf pic as it is still under construction.
For more such ideas please subscribe to our website or comment below.
See you soon, Au revoir.
*Other pictures are google searched.
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What do you do with your old blankets?

Give away in charity, or trash them in bin. If you trash them away, read this blog and ponder is trashing away a good idea?"

When I mention Stone I don't really mean utilizing real stones to make a rug. Well, rugs are usually soft and warm. I love the rugs that are too soft, firm and has cashmere touch to it. 

I want to ask a few questions before I show you how to make one of that amazing cashmere touch rugs.

1. Do you have Stones? lol!! NO! I mean do you have a pile of old blankets or a blanket?

2. The blankets, you do not wish to give in charity; as they are pretty torn or

3. Do you love that piece so much that you do not have heart to discard?

Well, I will teach you how to utilize them.

Materials required

- An old blanket

- Pair of Scissors

- Thread and needle

- A waste towel

- Fabric Glue

- A piece of Firm cloth like tarte fabric that can hold the back of the rug.


- Cut the blanket into different sizes and sew them roll them and shape them like a stone. 

Tip: Usually blankets have thick material so you wont have to struggle just two three folds will do.

- Sew the folded shape. Please refer to the picture above all the stones are neatly sewed.

Shapes needn't have to be of same size. It will look more authentic and exceptional if you create various sizes.

-Align blanket fabric stones in whatever shape you like, Circle, Rectangle, square on the towel.

If you intend to make real long rectangle then please adjoin two towels and create a long rectangle.

The towel should  be in accordance to your shape. If you want to make a circle rug then cut the towel into circular shape.

Although, original method is to directly sew up the fabric stones on the towel.

-My version is use fabric glue to attach and align stones on the towel. You may miss a small piece or big that you can create at this stage itself.

- After gluing all the fabric stones on towel you can stitch with thick thread or a wax thread too. If you do not possess wax thread it doesn't matter regular thread will do fine.

The Picture below demonstrate how the stones are aligned and attached and sewed to the towel.

Last step: now turn over the rug you will see towel, stitches, and glue patches. One word "UNTIDY"

Take tart cloth and place it on the towel and start sewing attaching seams (Towel and tart fabric) at the hemline.

TIP: You can also use linoleum, gunny sack or thin plastic sheets instead of tart fabric. Will solidify your rug more. 

Voila! your beautiful blanket has not gone into trash now. You certainly made a very good use of it.

Below are a few pictures that will help you in selecting your model design.

Irregular and large different sized stone rug

Two tone Artistic Stone Rug

Circular different sized stone rug

Honestly, if you have patience you can create a floor stone carpet demonstrated in the picture below.

It can be created with the same technique.

I hope this blog helped you in someway and I also hope that we recreate, recycle and rejuvenate our homes together.

I am still waiting for ideas from you. Please send or you can create your own blog and share your idea on this website.

We and our audience will definitely appreciate your contribution.

"Have a nice day"

Au revoir and A bientot. 

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Needle keepers are great way to keep your needles in place. One thing note mentioning here is Needles are dangerous and if they are misplaced they can be life threatening. A neighbour of mine did not know that misplaced needle landed in the chair and when she sat in it, it pierced through her skin flowed in her blood eventually that needle reached heart and she died. God Bless her! Well, one can't be careless with the needles. This tutorial is easy and you can make them in dozen and please share this idea with your friends and neighbours.

This is one easy DIY needle keeper, that is elegant, simple and easy. You can make them in 2 minutes.

Materials required

- A magnet around 2 inch big

- A 5 inches square lace cloth

- Fabric glue


- Place the magnet on the lace cloth and fold to secure with glue. 

Once the glue dries your needle keeper medallion is ready.

If you do not possess any lace cloth you can secure magnet in regular cloth too.

Below are a few pictures; it will help you derive clear idea.

A Vintage fabric Needle Keeper Medallion

Lace cloth needle keeper

Embroidered medallion on jute cloth.

Hope you have liked this easy peasy, tutorial on needle keeper medallion. If you create any of the DIY please share a pic with us in the comments section below or share a pic on instagram.

For more such easy and amazing crafts please subscribe or follow me on this site.

Now time for some pondering words before I step out for my week off that is on Monday and Tuesday. (Freelancing definitely gives you good options ;) )

"My Advice, don't waste so much time worrying about your skin or your weight. Develop what you do, what you put your hands on in the world."

- Meryl Streep.


Until next week, Prendre soin and A Bientot

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