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I was looking around for the dresses to make a few patterns for you. I was wondering If i can catch hold on to something thats easy for beginners in my class. I wonder how many silent students I have. I would appreciate if you people can mail me on the company's email to just say "Hi".

Well, as we promised, we are bringing you simple easy and free patterns. however, there are a few high fashion Patterns that are for sale. Truly, even we need a few bucks to run this show. Please buy our patterns from the etsy store or from this store. If you cannot find right now, just drop in a mail to ask for a pattern. the link for etsy store is at the end of this blog.


Materials required for this amazing, breezy and comfortable summer dress for a baby are:

- 1/2 metre cotton or jersey, or linen or any soft material you feel is good.

(Tip: for beginners, I would recommend use, cloth that is anti-slippery, cotton, casenut, linen, cambridge, etc are fabrics that are anti-slippery, Reason: your stitches will not fall apart.)

You can Buy the non-strtch fabric from our store for $1.50 only (Click here for link>

- Sewing Machine,

- A Pair of scissors

- A few Pins.

- A different color 1/4 metre fabric to make straps.

- embroidery needle and thread (optional).


- First and the most important thing for sewing is, to take measurements, either take measurement of the kid, or if you have the perfect measurement dress go for it. 

- Measure Length, breadth and this is all we need for this project.

(If you do not know how to take measurements, please visit here >> How to Master Ladies Measurements))

- Lay your fabric on the flat surface, I would say, place it on the floor, Pan out and you will see a rectangle cloth, 

- Next step , Fold it so that if you cut from the middle it produces two equal sized rectangle.

- Now refer the pattern Below

Note: your cloth will like this, the right corner has left line , is your fold line, (which is where you have folded your cloth,) on the extreme right is your Seam Line)

- Mark your measurements accordingly, this pattern is for 5-6 aged girl. 

- If your girl measures exactly this measurements. then you can cut accordingly. 

The above has two measurements seam line, that is where you will be attaching your straps, mark that, mark the measurements with seam line allowances.

- keep this pattern aside,

How to make a strap:

- Please refer the picture below:

- Fold your fabric and Cut the length, remember you need to cut 2 identical pieces of it. 

- Cut the strap hole with the measurement given above and this is also required in two number.

- now Prepare fabric for cutting. the measurements given here are having allowances for smoked stitch.

- so, if you do not know how to make a smoked stitch you can give a 1/2 or 1/4 inch pleats to give the similar effect.

- after you are done with the Fabric cutting lets sew.


- First sew the pleats of the Fabric, if you are sewing smoked stitch then do the smoked now.

- Second, hemline then sew the seams, side seams of the fabric.

- Attach the the strap holes at the back of the dress you have sewn.

- Sew the straps now, 

- Attach the straps to the front of the dress where we marked as seam line.

- Now make the straps travel through the strap holes and bind at the back.


-your easy, baby summer dress is ready.

Until next time,

Prendre Soin.

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It's amazing to share with you all that we have progressed a new dimension in our online store. We bring you exclusive designer wear patterns in our yet to be opened designer pattern shop on this site, but we have a pattern store on etsy link is given below at the end of this blog.

Amazing collection, wherein you can shop for patterns at very cheap price compared to the price of the original attire cost of DKNY, Gucci, Ellie Saab and many more designers spring, summer, party, red carpet, bridal and fall collections.

A $1000+ attired pattern can be bought in $10+. We also sell the fabrics for these patterns, and also will help you in making the outfit, if you want help from us. We have professional team who is every responsive to helping and creating, maximizing and bring alive your vision.

Pattern store will be opened shortly, in the mean time, lets polish our sewing skills and those who are new to sewing can learn from our previous blogs. That has taught many how to take measurements, how to sew simple dresses skirts and many online tutorial by Meesha are also available on Youtube <click here to access MeeshaTv>.

I give you a few reasons why you should learn sewing

- It will give you option of creating your own design, that means your border will not be limited to mall stores.

- In a budget of a single designer wear dress, you can sew two or more dresses.

- if you think it will take ages for you to sew, I would say for really new candidates, it will take a single day but for skilled people An Afternoon.

- You won't be afraid of fashion face offs.

- Who knows it may become your side business.

- Remember seamstress are always in demand.

- Having sewing is a skill which wont let you die of hunger.

I recommend you yo read a book called "The dressmaker of Khair Khana" 
Abstract of the book is, based on real story; Afghans are caught in war and government has reduced its rule and Taliban rule took over. Taliban has many conventional rules, few of the rules were every able young male will join army and women are not allowed to come out of home, Being men of the house taken away from the families, women are left with children with no food and no source of income. A journey worth experiencing how kamila understand the market phenomena and most cashing business still out there ad mist the war. How she and sisters convert themselves into seamstress and advances their skill, wisdom to encourage and help women without men to earn from home by teaching them the art of dress making.

Moral of the story: No skill is waste and every skill is worth something, that you didn't imagine.

Today Fashion designers earn more than anybody by just sewing, what we are teaching.


We have amazing Sewing Patterns uploaded on our etsy store, at a very minimal prices, you can try these vibrant designs this summer.

Click here to visit our etsy store =

Happy Sewing.

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Tulip skirt is infamous and gives a different look to your regular skirt. Although there are many versions, long; short and knee length.

For a starter let's start doing a knee length as even if you mess up, you will have a short skirt. and if you mess with short skirt you'll have nothing. So,

Materials required:

  • 2 yards of Fabric of your choice.

(Recommended Fabrics, thick or little thin do not opt for see through, as this tutorial does not have lining pattern included in it. As see through skirts require extra lining).

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • A Pair of scissors,
  • 2 sheets of large brown paper or newspaper (if you want to be frugal)

(Note: We only need paper to draw pattern, so, newspaper can work. In case using a newspaper use marker to make draft on the newspaper as you wouldn't want your pencil lines get invisible in the newspaper script).


You can gather information of how to measure a skirt from our previous post

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Those of you who are not so fond of flowers and butterflies, this is for you.

We express ourselves in many ways so does our homes express about who lives in.

You can show case your personality through the decor of your home.

If you're the one who has been surrounded by the books most of your
life or you're the one who is keen on knowing what's the latest thing
happening in the b-town, or you're the one who is determine and has
dedicated your life to achieve your goals. Who so ever you are, you
can showcase your interest, likes and dislikes, things that inspire
you or aspire you to become like the personality you adore. Your
political view your concern for family and friends, your perception,
your thoughts any thing that you feel free to think about. anything as
such which you want others to learn about you.

You can show up them to others. with this you'll also be showing your
attitude that you are open for both criticism and compliments but this
is who you're by yourself.


Its always heavy on heart to give away your favorite book or magazine.

you keep piling on those books for years over years.
Not that you like every thing about all those books but just a couple
of contents which may motivate you, build confidence in you, take you
to the roller coaster of imagination. Some particular quote of the
particular book or a recipe that you want to save for summer, some
kind of knowledgeable information which grasp your interest,
interesting facts or jokes. All these kind of little bits here and
there from one or the other books doesn't allow your heart to

If you believe something that's worth saving, something which you
can't stop adoring and like to save for many more years then instead
of piling on books simply cut the pages of your favorite content and
paste it on the wall.

By displaying the stuff that you enjoy reading will also help your
friends and family to understand you better. Those who care about you
will always accept you for who are and will embrace your likes and
respect your dislikes.

Thank you.

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We covered How to Master Ladies Measurements (you can click the highlighted ink to visit that page) and in this post, as I mentioned earlier after ladies we will cover Men's Measurement techniques and tricks. who all have tried ladies measurement should be perfect now in taking men's or boys measurement as many measurements are similar to ladies. such as Bodice measurements.

Refer picture below: 

First start measuring waist, then bust As you all know how to take measurement of waist and bust then take chest.

To Measure chest, place the measuring tape exactly at the starting underarm as you can visualize in the picture.

Then advance towards measuring shoulders, Neck size, Back Width.

Neck measurements help in building exact collar neither to loose or too small.

Shirt Measurement

These are body measurements for a shirt: however, to create a shirt the shirt length should not be stopped with waist as it ended in ladies measurement. Shirt length should be measured from the top of the shoulder to the desired length or till hips.

To Measure Pant

Pant Measurement is ideally measured from waist to ankle with the side of the body. But For low waist pants it should be measured from hips to ankle.

similarly, for short length Pant, it should be measured below knee line or your desired length.

For the width of pant legs, circle the tape around the thigh part and take measurement according to your desired width, loose, tight, skinny etc.

Cuff Measurement

Cuff Measurements are estimated by measuring the wrist loosely and adding 1/2" overlap extension to it.

To sum up, this the ideal way of measuring a boy or a man. So, be sure you take all the measurements and note them down.

Attached below is a video that demonstrates how to measure a boy's body.

Any queries please drop a Comment below

Until Next Time,

Prendre Soin

Au Revoir

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