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DIY howtoseweasy projects

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For the better part of our lives, we spend a fair amount of time making stuff that otherwise we can buy from the stores. A good example is children toys. You do not actually have to be an expert to come up with a DIY product. Furthermore not every project requires exemplary skills as long as you are a determined, self motivated individual and you have the necessary materials you are good to go.

Most of the brains behind popular DIY projects didn't have the joy of stepping into a lecture hall- A challenge? Of course yes.

Look around your home. What don

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Sometimes, Walls can be demanding, boring and a reflection of one's personality. Sharing from experience, walls are source of giving people insight or glimpse about the personality you carry. Previously, we shared a DIY to prep up your walls by decorating books, and paints. Walls are a plain canvas and what every you put out there are sure to stay there for a long time. 

Different types of Wall decor and its meaning

Mosaic Wall Art

Mosaic walls represents history, or a taste of complex art. A person who has a wall holding mosaic painting definitely indicate the taste in history or complex art. Complex art doesn't stop here, sometimes, person can be deep and hideous too; could also share a completely abstract personality.

Post Card Wall art

Post Card wall art definitely helps you hang all those treasured moments you had when you visited that country, As I have already revealed in the previous statement and you got it right!!. People who love to travel, have immense love for adventure, thrill and want to document can have a postcard wall and hang all the postcards on it. So, it indicates people who love adventure, thrill and travelling and loves to collect souvenirs, stamps etc. bottom line it describes, adventurous person with collectors soul. 

Kitchen Wall arts

There are many wall arts that people like to prep up kitchen with, some describes love for cooking, some for cleanliness, some describes kitchen.. well, this is really good and artistic, of people who do this. They are prepping up the kitchen, if they can't do with the house. Kitchen Arts define a person's deep urges for creativity. 

Clipboard Wall Art/ typography/ graffiti etc

Oh! the love for typography, graffiti, is a visible love for art and creativity. The People who does their own walls with splashing color, designing into something, creative, like creating a wall made of woods, cans, books, color, figures, are plain lovers of creativity and innovation. The walls which have creative insights are the people who think modern, innovative and are highly creative. no matter if they get ideas from internet, their creative mind lead them through it.

Ombre Quote Wall Art

HAving a quote wall is an absolute pleasure, sometimes we write the quotes to motivate us, or quotes that can motivate, inspire others. sometimes quotes are the reminders of the lessons life taught you. either way, having a Quote DIY is reflection of self-reliance, self-motivation and complete independence. Some quotes are made people to aware of things they aren't allowed to do. Like, Please flush, or quotes instructing things. This is sure to remind there is zero tolerance, if the house rules are broken. People who does this are have control streak and independent streak shouting out of their personality.

Here are a few personality descriptions that a person can be perceived by his/her walls. so, which ones yours.

Let us know by dropping a comment here or on our Facebook, we would love to hear.

Until next time,

Prendre soin.

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Those of you who are not so fond of flowers and butterflies, this is for you.

We express ourselves in many ways so does our homes express about who lives in.

You can show case your personality through the decor of your home.

If you're the one who has been surrounded by the books most of your
life or you're the one who is keen on knowing what's the latest thing
happening in the b-town, or you're the one who is determine and has
dedicated your life to achieve your goals. Who so ever you are, you
can showcase your interest, likes and dislikes, things that inspire
you or aspire you to become like the personality you adore. Your
political view your concern for family and friends, your perception,
your thoughts any thing that you feel free to think about. anything as
such which you want others to learn about you.

You can show up them to others. with this you'll also be showing your
attitude that you are open for both criticism and compliments but this
is who you're by yourself.


Its always heavy on heart to give away your favorite book or magazine.

you keep piling on those books for years over years.
Not that you like every thing about all those books but just a couple
of contents which may motivate you, build confidence in you, take you
to the roller coaster of imagination. Some particular quote of the
particular book or a recipe that you want to save for summer, some
kind of knowledgeable information which grasp your interest,
interesting facts or jokes. All these kind of little bits here and
there from one or the other books doesn't allow your heart to

If you believe something that's worth saving, something which you
can't stop adoring and like to save for many more years then instead
of piling on books simply cut the pages of your favorite content and
paste it on the wall.

By displaying the stuff that you enjoy reading will also help your
friends and family to understand you better. Those who care about you
will always accept you for who are and will embrace your likes and
respect your dislikes.

Thank you.

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Homes are special to all of us and everything that we do for our homes is special to us. They say home defines the personality of the home maker. May be that's why we take time to make decisions for our homes. We pay attention on every aspect that relates to our homes.

We like to make wise decisions before investing any money for the decorations of our homes.
Many of us feel DIY projects can't beautify our homes because DIY projects demands you to be creative, imaginative and artistic and you
feel you're not really good at anything. You find more easy to purchase a craft from a craft store then making an attempt to try your
hands on DIY project.
We understand your queries you don't want to waste your time and energy which will later won't give you the desired results.

This is the project which will not disappoint you as it doesn't risk your money and doesn't require your lot of effort which may tire you
and make you feel like to give up before accomplishing it.  despite of not being artistic or creative you can still enjoy the feeling of giving that personal touch to your home which is so special for you.

You cannot give any excuses to yourself for not making this easy and attractive project. The fun thing about this project is that you can
do by yourself, with your kids or with almost anyone of any age.  By doing this project you'll open the doors of compliments for yourself. This project will not just beautify your home but also elevate your confidence in yourself and will leave you admiring for your own work of art. We hope that by doing this project it will motivate you to do many more DIY projects.

Things you'll need:

Card board
Painting color and a paint brush


Step1: Take a paper and draw any shape that you like heart shape, diamond shape, circular shape, shape like water drops anything which
you can draw neatly with ease.

Step:2 cut the paper along its shape and restore this shapely cut paper.

Step3: take the shapely cut paper and keep on the card board. Draw the same shape by following the paper edges.

Step4: neatly cut the cardboard by paying through attention according to its shape.

Step5: repeat the process for as many pieces of cardboard as you need.

Step6: paint all the prices of cardboard with the choice of colors that you like.

Step 7: apply glue or hot glue one by one to the cardboard pieces and stick to the wall in the desired manner to suit your style.

A few pictures to expand your Wall Art idea:

Wood Block wall


Thank you.

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