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Mini Handheld sewing machines Dual Speed Double Thread Multifunction Electric Automatic Tread Rewind Sewing Machine RFR-813



Product nameSewing Machine






ColorWhite and Blue


Product functions:

1. 42 line patterns: it can be used for sewing, straight line sewing, three-needle Z stitching, black needle edge stitch, edge seam, decorative seam, elastic seam, shell seam, four-step lock

2. Two-way sewing: it can be sewn and reverse stitching, making the sewing more perfect

3. Double needle double stitching: it has double stitching effect of high grade sewing machine, and it is more widely used

4. Bring work lighting: the head has a lamp, and the light is dark to check the sewn results

5. Automatic winding function: it has automatic bobbin function, which is more convenient to use

6. Easy to control the pedal: use the pedal to speed and slow control, easy to operate and control

7. Bottom seam: the turning arm is more convenient to sew large clothing such as sheet covers, and it is also convenient for the cuffs of the pants

8. Accessories are versatile: the market for accessories used is available,

9. Good sewn results: use the standard 9 and 14 pins, let you go through the thin cloth, ordinary cloth, thick cloth will not have problems

10. Switching power supply: the switching power supply is compact and stable, AC/DC transformer, 12V, 1500mA.

11. Packing method: adopt fully enclosed bubble wrap to make dear friends no longer need to worry about the damage to the distance, with Chinese instruction and standard parts.


Package include

1 x Sewing Machine

1 x Power Supply

1 x Pedal

1 x Set of Accessories





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